The Clang Group Monday, 15th April 2019

The Clang Group

The Clang Group

The Clang Group share Record Store Day release

The 7” will be a re-work of The Monks’ ‘We Do Wie Du’

The Clang Group have returned with a one off 7” re-working tribute of The Monks’ ‘We Do Wie Du’. Their take on a classic tune from the 60s garage-punk band was released exclusively for Record Store Day.

The Monks, an experimental band formed by five American GI soldiers whilst stationed in West Germany, released their only album, Black Monk Time in 1966 and have attained cult status over the decades.

“I was introduced to The Monks ‘We Do Wie Du’ by Liam Watson at Toe Rag Studios”, Clive Langer says. “I was smitten. How amazing to discover a new form of Rock & Roll from the 60s! I wrote a tribute to the band, with the band.  This is it!”

Listen to ‘We Do Wie Du’ HERE