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Night Moves Announce New Album 'Can You Really Find Me'

Out June 28th. Listen to new song “Strands Align”

It is with great pleasure that Domino announces Can You Really Find Me, the new album from Night Moves, due for release on June 28th. Accompanying the news of the album comes new track “Strands Align” and its’ Cameron Dutra-directed video, starring John Pelant and Micky Alfano from the band as well as actor Chris Mulkey (Twin Peaks, Whiplash, Boardwalk Empire). The video follows Pelant, Alfano and Mulkey across the highs of a spur-of-the-moment crime spree that is ultimately brought to a tragic revenge-fueled end.

Night Moves new album, Can You Really Find Me, pulsates and glows with the same sublime energy that radiated from breakout single “Carl Sagan” in 2016, however in the intervening years, John Pelant and Micky Alfano have grown up. The songwriting, while still steeped in super-catchy, velvety riffs and pure pop glaze, feels more sophisticated and modern. Since the pair met in high school, awestruck by such ear-candy wizards as Brian Wilson, Todd Rundgren, Stevie Nicks and Lindsay Buckingham, they set off to craft their version of what sophisticated, emotional modern pop music can and should sound like. 2016’s Pennied Days was a breakthrough, and set a new bar for the members of Night Moves. After spending the subsequent two years on Can You Really Find Me, they’ve scaled new heights, where the sounds are still just as sweet, but now smarter, more evocative, and perfectly designed for a summer release.


So how did something that feels so warm and breezy – like the perfect summer soundtrack - emerge from the dead of a bleak and frigid Minneapolis winter? Pelant and Alfano sequestered themselves, dreaming their way out of the cold by writing songs like “Coconut Grove,” a whirly psychedelic love song, and “Ribboned Skies,” a blazing ode to guitars and syncopation. Minneapolis has always played a part in the creative process for these dyed-in-the-wool locals. Long heralded as local hot shots in the cold, desolate, land of Prince, Westerberg and Dylan, John and Micky have still never stopped working the grind; in donut shops, bakeries and restaurants, toiling to make ends meet yet trying find beauty in the mundanity, and in the tranquil midnights.


Pelant, as a writer, thrives in the gloom of isolation; a cold void, “I think it's this type of environment that helps me feel focused. Zero distractions. Focused in a way where I can tap into certain emotions. I think some of the best music transports you to a place in time where your memories become potent visualizations. When writing closed off like this, you can see the images easily and your brain will pick the right chords and tones and guide you where you ought to go. I think being alone during that type of hibernation season is a great space in which to create.”


Can You Really Find Me was produced by Jim Eno (founding member and drummer of Spoon) out of Public Hi-Fi Studios in Austin, TX and recorded with live band members Mark Hanson and Chuck Murlowski.

Night Moves have today announced a US headline tour in support of the albums’ release. The tour starts in Milwaukee on June 12th and finishing up in their hometown of Minneapolis at the iconic First Avenue on July 20th. Full tour details are below and tickets can be found here:

Can You Really Find Me will be available on all formats June 28, 2019. The Domino Mart deluxe heavyweight LP is pressed on translucent neon orange vinyl housed in a gatefold jacket, and comes with MP3s. The indie retail version is pressed on translucent turquoise vinyl.

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Can You Really Find Me tracklisting:

01.   Mexico

02.   Recollections

03.   Keep Me In Mind

04.   Strands Align

05.   Waiting For The Symphony

06.   Ribboned Skies

07.   Coconut Grove

08.   Saving The Dark

09.   Angelina

10.   Can You Really Find Me