Jaakko Eino Kalevi announces new EP 'Dissolution Remixes'

Jaakko Eino Kalevi announces new EP 'Dissolution Remixes'

Finland’s master voyager Jaakko Eino Kalevi eases out of lockdown with a look back to a simpler time: late November 2019, to be precise, and the release of his fine mini-album Dissolution.

In keeping with that record’s wayward spirit, Jaakko has now called on friends and continental colleagues to remix some of its songs, resulting in the Dissolution Remixes EP, due for digital release on July 31st. The five tracks present take Jaakko’s music in tantalising new directions.

“It is always interesting to hear how other people interpret my music,” says Jaakko. “I like to be surprised in a good way and these remixes are very much on point and right up my alley.”

On the first remix to be shared, Latvian dream-pop titans Domenique Dumont conjure a characteristically charming version of “The Search”, that also includes a portion of Jaakko’s song “Uutiset”. Domenique Dumont seldom venture out, so this mix should be cherished.

Elsewhere on the EP, Timo Kaukolampi, an icon of heavy Finnish electronics, transforms “The Source of the Absolute Knowledge” into a psychedelic widescreen meditation, further cementing the Kaukolampi-Kalevi bond.

Stockholm producer and Born Free label boss Samo DJ tackles the same track, reworking it to a jacking, sinuous groove garnished with cybernetic swirls. With his take on “I Am Looking Forward”, Francois Marry of Francois & the Atlas Mountains, who has spent much of the past 12 months working closely with Jaakko, fashions a hypnotic number that shimmers like satin.

And new duo Ultraflex, the Berlin-based pairing of Farao and Special K, wrap things up with a blistering hi-NRG mix of ‘Dissolution’.

1.     The Search (Domenique Dumont Remix)
2.     The Source of the Absolute Knowledge (Kaukolampi Remix)
3.     The Source of the Absolute Knowledge (Samo DJ Remix)
4.     I Am Looking Forward (Frànçois & The Atlas Mountains Remix)
5.     Dissolution (Ultraflex Remix)

The Dissolution Remixes EP will be released on July 31st. Pre-order digitally here.

Upcoming live dates
July 29th - Senaatintori, Helsinki (solo)
August 1st - G Livelab, Helsinki
November 27th – 28th - GR0M MMXX, Tallinn