Domino - Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions & Help

Is Domino Records anything to do with Fats Domino?

Firstly, kindly note we go by the names of ‘Domino’ or ‘Domino Recording Company’.

We are a singular company that always endeavours to deliver in the plural. Although a popular misconception, besides a shared love of Rock ‘n’ Roll and Creole cuisine, Mr. Fats Domino is very much his own man.

What is Domino's demo policy?

Thank you for your interest in Domino.

Due to environmental considerations Domino is no longer accepting postal submissions of demos. *

If you believe, with unwavering certainty, that your music belongs on Domino and Domino only, you can submit your recordings via a message through our Soundcloud - log in to your Soundcloud account and then click on the ‘send a message’ icon below our logo.

Otherwise, be free, be brave, be lucky and above all, be yourself.

* unless it’s a real emergency!

Can I intern at Domino?

We offer university students a chance to complete our internship programme as an introduction to the world of working in an independent record company. To be eligible, you must be studying for your first degree on a course that requires you to complete a work placement of no longer than 12 months.

Ideal candidates will have a confident phone manner, good task-management skills and an all-consuming passion for music. They will also have an understanding of the culture and practices of independent record labels and a desire to participate fully in the sector's fast-moving dynamic.

Please submit your CV and covering letter explaining why you'd like to work at Domino to: 

Please note that as we receive a large volume of enquiries we cannot guarantee a response to each individual request, but we will do our level best to get back to you.

Where is Domino?

In one sense, we’re all the way out there, at the edge of time and space. We're also located in the hearts and homes of like-minded folk attracted to the brave and the bold, the strange and beautiful; people who know for certain there is a secret music that can change your life. 

In a more physical sense, we're operating in Wandsworth, South West London, with offices in Brooklyn, Paris, Berlin - all kinds of places. Domino international staff can also be found running the front line in Singapore and Australia together with a network of awesome, music obsessed reps stationed around the world.

What is the plural of vinyl?

Language is in a constant process of evolution and this is something we celebrate. Both 'vinyl' and 'vinyls' are currently acceptable as the plural usage of vinyl. Our preference is for the more traditional 'vinyl', but whichever word you have in your lexicon, we have an excellent selection of high-spec wax in stock at Domino Mart.

Question of utmost importance still unanswered?

Then please, feel free to contact us!